Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The First Grapefruit

I have a lot of fruit trees in my gardens, but I must confess that they are pretty much on their own. Other than fertilizing them I do little else to pamper them as I probably should. There is no fancy pruning or dormant sprays. They grow and I must confess that most of the fruit goes to the wildlife which is fine with me. We do harvest lots of citrus though (they seem to tolerate my neglect better than most fruit trees) and I planted my first grapefruit tree last year. There are a few grapefruits growing on it already although it is still small and I am keeping my eye on them because I am looking forward to my own garden grown grapefruits in the summer!


fer said...

I hope you get many more grapefruits! Back at home i had a bunch of citric too. they take very well the neglect

Shirley said...

How exciting to see fruit on a tree so recently planted. Is this a pink grapefruit or white? I find the pink sweeter. Enjoy your harvest.

Sheila said...

Shirley, it is a pink grapefruit, my favorite too!