Saturday, January 22, 2011


I have to commend these white reblooming iris in the Moonlight Garden, they have been blooming non-stop all year long including the rainy season and the chilly nights. I have two kinds and they are very similar so I don't know which ones are consistently putting on a show. It is either 'Immortality' or 'Frequent Flyer', or maybe both! There is never a time that I can't find at least one in bloom!

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Jan@Thanks for today. said...

The white iris' are just gorgeous. It is wonderful that you can have them year round! There is no white here at the moment, plant or snow-wise. I'd almost prefer a little snow to enhance the dull brown ground. But my backyard birds provide me with beauty to get me through. I am pretty sure I'd have NO problem acclimating to your CA environment!!