Thursday, April 7, 2011

Blooming Ajuga

Check out the exuberant blooms on this 'Chocolate Chip' ajuga! It is a favorite little groundcover that I like to use for the dark burgundy (almost black) foliage that sets off nearby plants. Sometimes I even forget that it actually blooms.
But right now it is a show stealer along the flagstone path near the front door in SJC. Mounds and mounds of bright purple spires about six inches tall are intermingling with the other blue and pink spring blooms. At first I forgot what it was until I looked closer because you can barely see the foliage anymore! The combination of cool weather and lots of rain seems to be just what makes this plant happy. Or else it thought it was going to drown and sent up lots of blooms to make seeds in a survival mode. Either way, it works for me!


ONG said...

I have this same ajuga all over my property because it was so easy to divide and has thrived from full sun to partial shade. Your bloom color is gorgeous but you're right, the foliage is what makes it a winner! Thank you for posting and the awesome pics!

FlowerLady said...

WOWEE ~ That electric blue knocks your socks off. I love it especially with your other purple flowers. Great pics. What a great plant. I don't know if it would grow down here, so much doesn't because of our heat and humidity.

Enjoy ~ FlowerLady

Barbara said...

Pictures are so pretty! I have some iris that I planted two years ago that FINALLY sent up a couple of blooms. They were covered in water for two days in the bad storm. Maybe there is something to that drowning thing!

Masha said...

It looks great. I like it with your cranesbill, I can just imagine how lovely your garden looks right now.