Friday, April 1, 2011

What Grows Under Eucalyptus

Well, in our garden, almost anything grows down in the eucalyptus grove. I have been told that nothing grows under these trees due to their pungent oils that supposedly infiltrate the soil when the leaves fall and decompose, but I think that is just a myth. If it is difficult to get things to grow there it is more likely the same issues that all big trees have, meaning that the deep shade and extensive roots that suck up all the water and nutrients are more likely to blame. We have a number of beautiful eucalyptus that we inherited in Laguna and when I ran out of space to grow things in the rest of the yard I started putting things in around them too. We used to spend a lot of time in hammocks during the summer down there and I looked forward to some ornament plants to spruce the place up. When I divided some clivias I put in a couple down there and they have been quite happy as you can see. I started sprinkling tall red fescue grass seed around once a year until it filled in and now it gets "mowed" with the weed whacker a few times a year and left to do it's own thing the rest of the time. The rains have been a welcome relief to this area and it shows with the deep colors in the shade. It is also the home to the whimsical Douglas Fey Gargler Birdhouses that we and the birds adore!

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Masha said...

It is good to know that eucalyptus are not as bad as they are supposed to see. Your clivias look very happy!