Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Adding Dazzle

Before things get too hectic with preparations for the whole family coming for the holidays, I am busy looking for bare spots to add a bit of "dazzle" to the gardens. There are some family members that only come once a year and it is not exactly the prime time for the gardens, so I try to make sure that they are as lovely as possible for late fall, early winter. In the Moonlight Garden there are a few spots that I add details in the way of annuals every season. The rabbits are always grazing in this area and they eventually eliminate any delicate, low growing flowers, so adding snapdragons, verbena and violas along with some white mums is almost mandatory to fill in the empty spots. The white flowers can be seen across the yard which, depending on the weather, is how they will most likely be viewed by most guests. They add a bit of sparkle even on rainy or foggy days and I like my family to know that I've been busy making our home as special as possible for their arrival!


NellJean said...
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NellJean said...

Everything I do these days requires several do-overs. I've linked to your blog at Tootsies' latest meme. It took several tries to get the name corrected on the linky box and delete the comment here where I said I'd spelled your blog name wrong. I fixed it. Sigh.

Things look wonderful here.

Karen said...

I'm a newcomer to your blog, having come from Tootsie's 'Read 'em all Tuesday' party. I'm so glad to meet you.

Love white flowers in the garden, I've always been meaning to plant an all white bed one year but haven't yet. Maybe next year! How lucky your guests and family are to have such a caring hostess.

Becc said...

Im sure it will look beautiful & your family will appreciate your special effort.