Sunday, December 18, 2011

That Time of Year

Once again I have fallen behind in my blogging duties, but as I tell others when encouraging them to create a blog, it is a form of self expression and you should not feel any pressure to adhere to any schedules other than what you feel like doing. I would rather be thinking about the garden most of the time, but this time of year I am more than happy to concentrate on family obligations. As time goes on our family and traditions get bigger and bigger and command more of my time around the holidays, but like a garden during the busy time of year, it is a happy hindrance. It was nice to get out and walk around the gardens this morning, a few days before the first day of winter, to shoot some pictures and take note of dozens of things needing my attention, but the garden is patient and I have presents to wrap and shopping to do so it will just have to wait.


FlowerLady said...

Have a lovely Christmas week and a joyous and wonderful 2012.


Anonymous said...

Personally, I would like to thank you for the lovely photo of the pillar and urn. That's my kind of Christmas gift! Enjoy the holiday season.

Hanna at Orchid Care said...

Season's Greetings!

This is indeed a very special time of the year in which we all (or most) immerse ourselves in family issues. I happen to get so busy during holiday seasons that I often neglect my garden. Thankfully, however, they are always very forgiving.

I love that pillar in your photo. Does it stand near the front entry?

Sheila said...

Thank you Hanna, the pillar is near a back door opening out to the Moonlight Garden from the pool house.

HolleyGarden said...

I'm a bit behind, too, due to it being "that time of year". But, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and I'm looking forward to having the time to get back out in the garden again. Merry Christmas!

Lisa said...

Beautiful planters & a longboard!
This appears to be the entrance
to a busy & happy home.
My entrance looks just the same...
in warmer months.
Wouldn't want it any other way.
Mine were born just up the road
from you and are missing it terribly.
Do you open your gardens
for tours?
Best wishes for healthy soil &
family in 2012.

Sheila said...

Hi Lisa, thanks for the kind words. My garden in SJC has been on a number of garden tours for garden clubs and the Master Gardeners' tour. Not sure what will be scheduled for this year.