Saturday, April 21, 2012


I must confess that I have not been in the gardening mood this Spring.  I have been suffering from a frozen shoulder for almost a year now and it is taking its toll on my passion for just about anything. It is very painful and chronic and although I am seeing doctors, physical therapists, acupuncturists and massage therapists, the consensus is that it is just going to take time to heal. It is not a serious ailment, just annoying and draining. I have plenty of help with the maintenance of my gardens so they continue to thrive without much guidance from me, but I know that there are many things I want to do that will just have to wait until I heal. I am so grateful that nature goes on without me and there are beautiful blooms waiting for me every time I venture out into the gardens. Many plants have reseeded and multiplied, the iris are really coming into their own after a few years and there are unplanned surprises every day. The citrus trees are heavy with fruit and I have strawberries waiting for me every morning. Maybe my shoulder ailment is just what I needed to make me slow down and smell the roses instead of worrying about planting them.

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Nancy said...

I always enjoy reading your posts and seeing your garden - and I certainly understand your situation! I had a knee replacement in January and am to have the second one in a little over a week, so this spring has been about pain and rehabilitation. However, the tulips have been glorious, and the roses and iris are just coming, and I have a helper who will deadhead the roses when I can't, so the garden will go on, and so will I. I hope to get the annuals in this week before I go to the hospital, and to plant the big planters with the dahlias I've ordered. It seems we keep on gardening.