Sunday, July 15, 2012

Near White

I have a lot of daylilies in my gardens. They are so easy and carefree it is hard not to add them here and there. Their strappy foliage looks good even when they are not in bloom, a good characteristic in my book, and they have few pests or diseases. They are a drought tolerant perennial. I order mine from Oakes Daylilies, who are good about advising me if my choices will do well in our climate (some daylilies need a chill to go dormant and will not thrive here) and have a huge variety to choose from. There are no white daylilies. Even in the catalog the category for the whitest blooms are referred to as "near white". That doesn't keep me from trying out the "whitest" in my Moonlight Garden. This was the one I added this year called "Lady Elizabeth". As you can see from the picture, it has a definite yellow tint to it. I will leave it for a few seasons (or I should say them, I planted about a dozen in a group) or until I find them too offensively yellow and they have to be moved. Either way, it is a very pretty flower on a carefree plant.

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