Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Few Dahlias This Year

The dahlias are blooming, at least those that are still around. I have not had much luck with them in SJC. The first time I ordered a box of dahlia tubers they all rotted before I got around to planting them. My bad. The second box got in the ground in a timely manner, but failed to be very impressive the first year. Because we don't have wet weather we don't have to lift the tubers out of the ground every year. The second year a few of them were lovely and I had high hopes, but this year there is only one plant that I have seen. I will try again. The soil was so very dead and depleted when we moved in here and instead of spending the time and energy needed to recondition it, I just started planting. Maybe now after five years of compost and organic fertilizing, the soil with be ready to nurture some lovely dahlias, because I think they are great to have in the garden all summer!


Bangchik and Kakdah said...

dahlias so beautiful..., and refreshing. So when dahlias decide to bloom beautifully is an indication of good fertile soil!

Hoover Boo said...

That's unexpected. They do well here without much help. Getting enough sun? The ones I have in shade are duds, moved to sun they "leap".

Sheila said...

I suspect you are right Hoover Boo! I always think I have more sun in some places than I actually do. The one that is thriving is in direct sun all day.