Thursday, February 7, 2013

The White Azaleas are Blooming

Much of the Moonlight Garden is quiet this time of year, but the white azaleas are shining. These were on the property when we bought it, but in a bad spot in my opinion. Unfortunately after they bloom the wilted blossoms do not drop off, but remain on the bush like old, brown hankies. They are difficult to clean off neatly so it is best in my opinion to plant them in the background like I have them here. Before they were right by the front door and a rather unsightly distraction for a few weeks until the spent blooms eventually rotted away or the entire bush was cut back. Now they are under some trees away from the walk way on the side of the pool house. they definitely attract your eye while they are in bloom, but go unnoticed while they shed their spend blossoms. Perfect!

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Charlie said...

I quite fancy Azaleas because they come early and the are darned beautiful. I do find that it frustrates me that the flowers don't fall and are unsightly at that stage. I will choose hybrids in the future that don't have those issues.