Thursday, January 31, 2013

At Least I'll Have Sweet Peas

I am feeling a bit frustrated that the garden in SJC is looking so desolate and bare this year, although it is still January and I shouldn't expect much I guess. Many of my lovely lavender plants probably should have been replaced last year.  They really only look good for three or four years at the most around here and then they start getting scraggly and woody. Years ago I used to start dozens of cuttings in the fall to replace the ones that were on their way out, but I am too far behind with that to make a difference this year. Many of the shrubs and tree have grown significantly, shading out other plants that previously were show stoppers, leaving them stretching and weak. The rabbits have been getting very bold, venturing way into the gardens to munch down entire beds of plants instead of being satisfied on the few areas of grass that are left. The one thing I have been good about following through on the last few years is getting my sweet peas in the ground in the winter months. I pick up small seedlings and stick them in the ground around some bare wire obelisks I have in the garden, to be rewarded in a couple months with loads of those sweet smelling blooms, perfect for handfuls of cut bouquets. I do wish that I would follow through on getting some of the prettier hybrids, but at least I get some of them going! It is still very cold and damp, making it not very enticing to work in the garden. Roses being cut back and fertilized are the main task this month and I should just be more patient and enjoy being cozy in the house!

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RobinL said...

I long for sweet peas, but have only had marginal luck with them!