Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring Colors

 Although the weather is lovely this week, I must admit I have been preoccupied with everything else rather than getting out in the gardens. We were in Laguna a couple weeks ago (without my camera) and the garden there is filled with hundreds, if not thousands of naturalized daffodils. I have been a bit worried about the lack of blooms on my spring bulbs that were planted last fall in my SJC garden. I have found that they are pretty hard bulbs to screw up, they will adapt to being planted too deep or shallow, or even upside down. I did not put them in the ground myself, my trusty garden helper, Julian did the planting, but with my specific instructions. As it turns out there are some big, strong, yellow daffodils starting to bloom in the back yard. My guess is they are "King Alfred." They are huge and oddly enough, turned away from the house and paths, toward my neighbors' yards that are newly exposed due to the dying oleanders where the late day sunshine comes in. I hope my neighbors are enjoying them until I get out there with my clippers to make bouquets for the house! There are a number from previous years that are a mixed bag and blooming nicely, although some of them are now in the shade from the growing trees and probably should be moved this year to keep them blooming. We put hundreds of all-white ones in the Moonlight Garden and they are slowly starting to come up and there will be blooms in a few more days, but they are rather short. Maybe they did go in upside down!


NellJean said...

I see Juanita, King Alfred type, and Ice Follies -- three of my favorites.

Sheila said...

Thank you for the id's NellJean!!