Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sweet, Simple, Daisies

I certainly can't remember thinking "I need to add more Marguerite daisies to my gardens" but I probably should! As the rest of the spring perennials are just coming into bloom, these sparklers have been adding interest all winter long. Who can argue with their cheery presence that require little maintenance, little water (my sprinklers have been broken most of the winter so these have been thriving on rainwater for the most part), can thrive in partial shade (as are my pink ones) and are a favorite of friendly bugs and butterflies? They prefer cooler weather so will be happy to bloom while all the other perennials are resting. It is easy to meander past them in the nursery looking for more sophisticated plants, but that is why we must take a list with us when we go. Just like going to the grocery store hungry and bringing home all kinds of goodies but forgetting to buy the staples that make up the core of most meals, going to the nursery in the spring without planning and a list will result in bringing home a hodge podge of plants but no staples - like Marguerite daisies!

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