Monday, June 3, 2013

A Couple Favorite Roses

'Buff Beauty'

'Marilyn Monroe'
A visit to our Laguna garden last weekend gave me many reasons to swoon over the roses there. Beautiful roses mean little to me if they can't stand up to disease and pests on their own. These two do a good job!. 'Buff Beauty' is an old, lovely scented climbing rose that is one of my favorites. It does not grow so big as to tower above everything else, but climbs an arbor quickly then proceeds to bloom profusely. The roses in this garden are fertilized only with compost from the garden compost pile. 'Marilyn Monroe' was a new introduction in 2002 and I fell head-over-heels in love with the gorgeous peach blooms that have the texture of brushed satin. It is one of my few floribundas. No disease or pest ever seem to bother it, but I never see it for sale anymore. My Laguna garden has many more roses than the SJC garden and they seem so very happy here. Maybe because they are so adapted and settled in to their home!

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Angelika said...

Zauberhafte Rosenfotos, durch die Regentropfen wirkt si noch edler.

Liebe Grüße