Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fresh Peaches

I have been so busy the gardens have been sadly neglected by me (luckily I have others that pick up the slack when I am absent) and I even had to go back in my photo files to find a picture of the peaches that we get on the trees in SJC because I didn't get any this year (photos that is, not peaches). One of my helpers was kind enough to pick the small crop of about ten peaches that we had on one of the young trees and leave them for us to enjoy. I usually forget about them and the birds and rodents get to them before I do so I am especially grateful for the thoughtfulness. Fresh peaches on our granola in the mornings is a true delight! A sure sign of summer!

1 comment:

Angelika said...

Oh ja frisch geerntete Pfirsiche sind besonders lecker. Hier hat das Wetter wenig sommerliches an sich, es ist kalt und nass.

Liebe Abendgrüße