Tuesday, June 10, 2014

An Early Taste of Summer

 My gardens are filled with all kinds of fruit trees. I am not much of a farmer, but I do love the look, smell, feel, touch and of course, the taste of fruit growing that can be picked and eaten right from the tree or vine while strolling through the garden.
 They do get a bit of organic fertilizer once or twice a year, at least the citrus do. The others get compost mostly.

 I don't go to any lengths to protect them from the birds, so it is everyone for themselves when things start to ripen.

 Naturally I don't spray them with insecticides and with the exception of a few bothersome bugs after a long summer, they all seem to hold their own against any serious damage. This is probably because I only have one type of plant here and there and because there are so many other scents in the garden that is not easy for their natural enemies to hone in on them. At least that is my thinking.

They do get thinned this week, but that is because my granddaughters will be here and can't wait to start picking fruit. I give them baskets and instructions to only chose three or four off each tree and it will keep them busy for a while. It is too soon for their picked fruit to ripen, but we will put them in a bowl and then enjoy some already ripe and washed fruit that I have ready for them. They are too young to know what you can and can't eat in the garden, so the rule is everything comes into the kitchen for inspection and a good wash before tasting. Summer is coming!


Jane Strong said...

You have a very nice crop of peaches / nectarines for being so coastal. What is the variety? What is the apple?

Sheila said...

Jane, I really don't remember what kind of peaches these are. The tree was a gift from a friend and the tag was lost long ago. The apples are Anna, a coastal favorite!

Marsha Splenderosa said...

Goodness, what a delight to find you today. I am just getting back into landscaping my own 1-acre garden this year, a project LONG overdue.
We have allowed everything to get overgrown, green shrubs and volunteers, nothing beautiful, and that's what I'm trying for. So happy to meet you, I'm following now.