Saturday, June 28, 2014

Editing the Garden

So, in spite of my good intentions, I didn't get much gardening done this week (or any). But I did make some important decisions that are long overdue. There are a lot of plants that just need to go, or at least go somewhere else. My SJC garden is in need of big time editing. Plants that were put in years ago when I originally designed the gardens and have never done well like this Angel Trumpet (brugmansia). I have three of them here and they all look terrible. I thought it was San Juan Capistrano they didn't like, but I was at the Mission the other night and couldn't take my eyes off their huge brugmansia tree dripping with hundreds of trumpets, so it is just my yard they don't like, although they grow for me with no problem in Laguna. Oh well, no need to over analyze, just get this awkward thing out of here. Cut them back, dig them out, put them in a pot and stick them in the "nursery" on the side of the house to deal with later. I went through the whole yard and tied red ribbons to things that need to go while that was my focus. A good editing is needing every once in a while! At least I got that done!

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RobinL said...

It's a tough thing to do, but I have become a tough editor here. If it doesn't perform well, out it goes, because there are other plants out there that will. Besides, we can use them for compost!