Sunday, July 6, 2014

Summer Show Offs

Last February I was complaining about these narrow little planters and how bare they looked in the winter along side of the weeping cedar. I think I vowed to plant something other than the 'Black and Blue ' salvia that has been there for the past few years and only looks good during the summer months. But as I look at it now, it really does look quite lovely, and since I never did get around to replacing it, I guess it will stay for another year! I do love the combination of the bright green foliage against the dark purple flowers and it is hard to get a color combination that doesn't clash with the house color when it is that close. I must remember my own advice that not everything looks great all the time and just let the tree take center stage in the winter months!


Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Sheila, I think it looks beautiful!
It looks great in this spot!
This salvia is one of my favorites.

Things and Thoughts said...

It's my first visit here. You take amazing photos and I share your love about flowers, gardens and not only..
Kind regards

RobinL said...

Yes, that black and blue salvia definitely makes a statement! I have one little plant of it, and it certainly is not hardy here. But like you, I'd want something that looks good all year. It's a tough call!