Monday, July 14, 2014

The Front Lawn

Because of our drought I do feel a bit of anguish over the front lawn most of the year and it is looking very shabby this summer due to reduced watering, but there are some things that you just need a grassy area for, and playing barefoot baseball with your cousins is one of them. We have our older grandkids stay with us during the summer and whenever they get rambunctious in the house the standing order is "out in the front yard with that!" They spend hours hitting the ball, running bases, planning schemes, collecting treasures, searching for eatables, watching butterflies, making up games, running through the sprinklers, learning to whistle, sharing secrets and a whole lot of others things that make up the memories of childhood summers. A grassy play area on a summer afternoon at your grandparents house is a wonderful rite of childhood, at least it will be for our grandchildren.

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RobinL said...

Yes, a lawn is all of that and more. Although I've been made to feel guilty for ever allowing a single blade of grass to grow, I will always do so. Have you ever heard the expression that a lawn gives your eyes someplace to rest? If our yards are planted to within an inch of its life, it just looks too busy and messy. Lawn is quiet and green, and so very restful.