Sunday, September 6, 2015

Attracting Butterflies.

 I've been focusing on adding more plants that attract butterflies. Luckily there was a Master Gardener class focusing on just that which I attended a couple months ago that introduced me to some new plants that will do the trick that I don't grow - yet.

 There was an abundance of cleome at the nurseries this summer and I bought a number of them. They add nice summer color and the butterflies love them.

 I have fennel that has self seeded throughout the gardens.

 I have never grown gomphrena before, but after planting it I have a new appreciation for it. It went totally wilted when the new sprinkler weren't working, but bounced right back bigger than ever.

Of course there are the standard butterfly attractions like milkweed and passion flowers. It all must be working because there are more butterflies around than ever this year in the garden - much to my delight! Of course along with butterflies comes caterpillars and some damage to the garden while they eat their way to cocoons, so it is important to eliminate sprays, even organic ones, if you want to make them comfortable sharing your garden.


Jean Campbell said...

They've found you! Gardening for butterflies is easier than it sounds. Native host plants, non-native nectar sources. Except for caterpillars, they are not that picky.

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RobinL said...

A subject dear to my heart! I just released my first monarch butterfly today after raising it inside. I've had them outside for years, but never raised one myself till now. Very fun, will definitely do that again!