Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tree Trimming Time

It's tree trimming time for our SJC yard. The trees in Laguna were trimmed last fall. It took two days to trim those trees (we were rewarded with many messages of thanks from our neighbors whose view looks past those trees). They only need trimming once every two or three years. It is another story with the palm trees in SJC. They need to be trimmed every year and it takes three whole days. They develop very large, heavy seed pods that make a mess as well as many dead fronds that hang down and eventually fall off. Some of the fronds from the queen palms are 12 to 15 feet long, quite heavy and can do considerable damage to the plants below when they land on them. My tree trimmer estimated that he took almost five tons of debris from the palm trees to the dump. Unfortunately palm fronds and pods do not break down and will not compost and we just aren't into that much basket weaving around here!

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Bernie said...

Wow ... five tons! We have quite a few palms as well, but I don't think we would get that amount of debris. Just like you we have to regularly trim the trees and remove the rubbish. It's an ongoing task to keep the trees ... and garden ... looking nice and tidy.