Friday, May 28, 2010

You Gotta' Love Gardeners

On a recent tour of my garden there were lots of questions, comments and compliments about the flowers, garden design, and a host of other topics, but what was the one thing that brought on the most ohhh's and auhhh's?
The mulch! It had just been laid the following week in all the garden beds and on any open areas that are still bare. It is a lovely, uniform, dark brown product that I get by the truckload from a nearby green waste facility*. It adds a neat and tidy appearance to the garden, but it is so important as far as maintaining moisture and life in the soil that the outward appearance is just an added benefit!

*My mulch supplier is Dave McAllister Topsoil in San Juan Capistrano


Kimberly said...

Thanks for the info! I just laid mulch this week too!

wiseacre said...

Mulch smulch, it's the stone path that gets my attention.

I use composted horse bedding (small wood chips/shavings + horse hockey) that the university nearby has made a mountain of. I have to tunnel to the center for the good stuff but it's worth all the crap I have to go through to get it.

~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Gardeners know how important good mulch is.