Thursday, July 1, 2010

Perennials of Summer




While many of the plants that have been putting on a show for months take a break, the billowy, bushy perennials of summer take over. These form the backbone of my summer garden beds, often going months with little care or concern. They are not show-stoppers in their own right, but do bloom nonstop all summer. Along with summer ornamental grasses, they tend to pick up every little breeze, adding interest and movement to the scenery. An additional characteristic that make them indispensable to the summer garden; they attract the butterflies!


Ginny said...

Three of my favorites - though pentas are not perennial where I live.

Dirt Digger said...

Love the color of the Yarrow. Which cultivar is it? And couldn't agree more with the swaying ornamental grasses - they will soon take over my entire property!

Anonymous said...

I love the color of the yarrow.

Sheila said...

Dirt Digger - it may be 'Paprika'.

tina said...

Awesome that they bloom all summer long. That is my kind of flower for sure. Great colors too. Have a great weekend!