Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Battling Perennials

It is usually the helichrysum petiolare (Lemon Licorice Plant) that is the thug in the garden taking over everything in sight if left unattended. But it may have met it's match with this very aggressive geranium sanguineum (cranesbill geranium). I had grown the geranium before in my Laguna garden and it took over everything there, but when I tired of the fuchsia color in my pastel beds I found it easy to get rid of with diligent hand pulling, so I was not too worried about adding it to a large bed that I wanted to fill in quickly in SJC. I kind of like the bright contrasts of these two together, but there will be some reeling in done soon.


Annelie said...

Agressive Cranesbill? Wow, never heard of such. Very interesting. Is it just that you happen to have the perfect growing conditions there in OC? Here in Mass, I don't believe they would ever grow like that. But, I might be wrong.


christine @ The Gardening Blog said...

I love the contrast in colour of these two plants planted together. Looks fantastic.