Thursday, April 21, 2011


If you told me five years ago I would be gushing over an osteospermum I would never have believed you. Freeway daisies? Really? But at the Dana Point Nursery the other day they had flats and flats of this new series of "Sunny" African Daisies. There are actually three different kinds in this picture of those that came home with me. 'Sheila', 'Alexis', and 'Penelope'. There were at least five or six more varieties of complimenting colors. There is just a subtle difference in the shade of each flower making them an easy way to add interest and depth to a flower bed with an very easy to grow plant. The only problem is, my experience has shown them to be a short lived perennial, one or two years at the most, unlike the older varieties of osteospermum that seemed to live forever! The colors are a perfect filler for my flower bed with shades of pink, orange and maroon (I know, I know, it sounds dreadful but it works). I will share pictures of the bed once they grow in a bit.

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Masha said...

I love the mix of colors. I agree they are short lived but they do bloom their little hearts out.