Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Habits

Instead of always focusing on breaking bad habits, I try to focus on developing good habits. This year I am trying to remember to cut flowers from my gardens to enjoy inside. I am pretty good about making bouquets for friends, but you will rarely see bouquets in the house, which is a shame because there are many days that we don't make it out to the garden to enjoy what is blooming. So I decided on Tuesdays to be the day of the week that I will pick and arrange flowers first thing in the morning. The first arrangement goes on my nightstand (so far that is the only one that gets done every week) and is on the small side. It literally takes me all of five minutes as I arrange the flowers in my hand as I pick them and then grab a vase from a shelf on the way to the kitchen so you can see I really have no excuse for not doing this. I hope to get at least a couple done for the rest of the house next week. No excuses!


Hillary said...

So beautiful! You definitely have a gift for growing AND arranging the blooms.

jackie b central texas said...

Now that is what I call an amazing bouquet, and fresh from your own garden beats buying from florist any day!

Phillip said...

I need to do this more often too. I rarely cut flowers for myself.