Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Easy Amber

Not sure if I have mentioned lately how fond I am of the carpet rose 'Amber'. I do like the white and pink carpet roses because they stay close to the ground, are disease resistant, self cleaning and just easy in general. I find the yellow one to grow too tall for my taste, making it less carpet-y than I like. The amber one falls somewhere in between the yellow and the pink ones but I do love the color in addition to all the other attributes it shares with the rest of the carpet rose family. The blooms grow in complete little bouquets that make flower arrangements easy to assemble and they last for about a week in a vase. A nice accent color among my blues and purples and definitely a keeper.


Hoover Boo said...

It looks great. I don't think I've ever seen it, but it is obviously a worthy cultivar.

HolleyGarden said...

I've wanted this in the past, but forgot about it! Thanks for reminding me - I'll put it back on my list!

Donna said...

I love these roses as well and have a red one to die for....the voles and rabbits eat it to the ground and it bounces back with blooms galore..

Jan@Thanks for today. said...

I have pink and red carpet roses and have always loved them. This year it got so hot so fast that the pink blooms came and went, but are now brown and looking really messy. The red ones look fantastic, though. I've never thought about ripping them out before until now...and I'm seriously considering replacing the pink ones with knock out roses. Or, if your Amber ones are really as nice as you say, I will have to look into those as a possibility;-)

KatePresents said...

I agree! My yellow gets too tall for my taste as well, but I love the new blushing shades of the amber's flowers. I wish they had named it apricot instead of amber! And, of course, I love my red. They are so chipper with their bright yellow centers and they just bloom and bloom and bloom.