Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fine Blues

Hydrangeas that start out blue do not stay blue in our area without some work. The blue blooms are indicators of "ph" in the soil and Southern California has very alkaline soil and water which makes the blooms naturally turn pink. To keep them blue the gardener must amend the soil and treat it regularly with either a commercial "bluing" agent or there are a number of old wives tales regarding burying pennies or adding vinegar to the water to maintain a high "ph" level. I have tried (okay, not that diligently) but the best I have been able to achieve is a pretty lavender. What about these beautiful blue ones? My guess is their roots are still pulling nutrients from the soil they came in which is keeping them blue so far. Next year I am sure they will be headed towards the pink side of the color spectrum, but I am loving them this year!


marilyn said...

one of my very favorites!

Shirley said...

We are very alkaline here too so my hydrangea leans more toward the pink spectrum. How I wish it were easy to maintain blue.