Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Mixture of Favorites

Every gardener develops a list of favorite plants that are the go-to basis of their garden. These are plants that are proven to do well in the climate and culture provided with little work as well as aesthetically pleasing to the gardener's senses. In this photo are a number of my favorite go-to plants, with blooms in the pink range and all shapes and shades of green foliage. Included are; roses (pink carpet and 'Perdita') for beauty and scent, ornamental grass (Japanese silver ribbon) for movement and contrast, boxwood (Japanese) for structure, abutilon (flowering maple) for charm and interest, lavender (French) for scent and variety, erigeron (Santa Barbara daisy) for fill and interest, iris for a beautiful focal point when in bloom and variety in foliage, chamelaucium uncinatum (wax flower) for interest and variety. I could be very happy forever in this little corner of my garden!

1 comment:

greggo said...

Stalwarts, one and all. I have my list also, however they favor blue or yellow in bloom color.