Monday, June 27, 2011

Lovin' the Lilies

These Asiatic lilies are just delightful. They just come up on their own every year and bloom like crazy in June. No diseases, no bugs, no worries. I must plant many more for next year.


Donna said...

I love planting more lilies each year...they are a stunning treat that I forget about until they a favorite cousin long time gone...

PJ | Home and Garden Decor said...

We had two containers with Asian Lillies and every year they were blooming and have multiplied.
This year something went wrong. The plants in one of the containers bloomed but was not as full of a plant as the year before and died really soon after the flowers were gone. The plants in the other container never really mounted to anything and just died before they reached their actual size.
After the blooming time was over (it's a bit earlier here in our region due to the higher temperatures)we tried to find what caused our Lillies to die or not to do as well as they did the years before.
We found out, in both containers the bulbs got disturbed and damaged. We assume the squirrels tried to bury pecans from our tree in the those containers and that messed up the bulbs. We found several buried pecans in both containers. Now have we tried to save what could be saved still and we will have to see if our Lillies will come back next Spring.
Paula Jo