Thursday, May 17, 2012

Things Change

This year one of my favorite roses, 'Moon Over Miami' is growing in the shade. When I planted it about four years ago it had the center stage in the Flying Rabbit Island when the three California pepper trees were just large shrubs. It put on a beautiful show all summer with those peachy-pink ruffles and I loved every bloom. This year the trees have finally reached official "tree" status and are casting a shadow over everything below. That was exactly as I had planned. The back yard was shadeless and hot in my opinion and I wanted the cool breeze that accompanies trees to fill the yard along with the bird song and everything else that goes with trees. I am going to have to move a number of plants that were put in to fill the space while the trees grew, which is fine. In all gardens, things change and a good gardener adapts and changes along with them. I doubt I will get many more blooms from Moon Over Miami this year until she is moved to the sunshine, so if I want my fix of those pretty flowers I had better get busy!

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