Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hiding The Hose

For many years my only source of water in my Laguna garden was a spigot on the side of the house, about 50 feet away from the beginning of my garden. I would attach two or three 100 foot hoses together and drag those monsters through the garden trying to get everything watered. Eventually we had automatic sprinklers installed, one of the happiest days of my life!

In the SJC garden there are water spigots everywhere and I consider it a luxury to have a nice, kink free hose at almost everyone of them. The challenge is to make those bright green hoses disappear so they do not draw the eye. Last summer I finally bit the bullet and bought about a half dozen of these copper hose pots (see the bottom right in the photo) when they went on sale at Smith and Hawkins. Now the hose is no longer quite the eyesore it once was, unless someone didn't put it back in its pot!


tina said...

I don't even notice the hose. Very pretty. I always trip over mine, might need to look into these.

Anonymous said...

Great idea!

racquel said...

Those pots are a beautiful way to disguise your hoses.