Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sitting in the Dirt

It's nice to have lots of places to sit in the garden so you can get a change of scenery just by changing seats. The problem is when there is no hardscape to put comfortable benches or chairs on they will rot from having their legs on the damp ground. Since many of the areas in our SJC gardens are still lawns, the only seating was cement benches which are not very comfortable.

Adirondack chairs are one of my favorite kinds of outdoor seating because of the slant of the seat and the wide arms which make tables for drinks unnecessary. I found these ones made of recycled plastic on the internet (what did we ever do without the internet?) and they are perfect for areas where wood would rot quickly. They are very sturdy and solid and actually have a warm feeling that is much more similar to wood than to plastic and they will not rot. I bought two to try them out and then ordered six more because I liked them so much for the grassy areas.


Kathleen said...

omg Sheila, where did you find them? I am so tired of repainting my wood ones every year that I'd love to get some of these. Do they come in different colors??

Sheila said...

I got them at and they come in four colors and they are on sale now!

Kathleen said...

THANK YOU Sheila!!!! I'm going there right now!