Saturday, November 29, 2008

Pomegranates For The Birds

Our pomegranate tree (okay, it's more like a very large shrub) is filled with the lovely red fruit every fall and although we love them, we usually don't get around to picking them in time. Eventually they split open and the birds have a feast, which is just fine with us!


Julie said...

Oh what a great thing to have in your yard! I have a huge tree Sapodilla tree in my backyard and it is impossible to get the fruit until it falls and then the squirrels get it quickly! Your fruit is very pretty!!!

Anne said...

Hi Sheila! Thank you so much for finding and faving my blog -- its a wonderful compliment coming from such an accomplished gardener!

It must be amazing to have two large gardens in Orange County to tend... they look wonderful!

tina said...

I bought one of these at the grocery store recently and my son went crazy eating it in like one quick inhale. I think the birds and him would have a battle here for the pomegranates.