Sunday, March 22, 2009

Clivias Blooming

It's that time of year, the clivias are in bloom! These orange ones were planted here when we bought this house in Laguna Beach 18 years ago. They are such a bright color that it took me a while to appreciate their presence. I wrote about it here and here last year. Now I look forward to their month of bloom.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE orange flowers! And these are beauties. I especially like orange in combination with blues. :)

Kerri said...

How lovely to see the Clivias blooming outside! I usually lean more toward pinks and purples, but I do love these orange blooms.
I have one as a house plant here in upstate NY, given to me by a friend ast fall. I'll put it outside this summer. No blooms yet, but it's growing new leaves and looks healthy.

lynn'sgarden said...

Beautiful clivias! That's a plant I have not tried..lucky you get to grow it outdoors :) I saw a beautiful pale yellow one on display at a garden show recently but I prefer that bright orange!

Silvia said...

Very nice clivias indeed! Looks like my wild lily in the garden. Orange flowers and green-green leaves. Beautiful!