Saturday, March 12, 2011

Awesome Annuals

Years ago I was asked to write an article for the L.A. Times Newspaper on pansies, and how to grow them successfully. There was a local vendor at the time that sold soil specifically for growing pansies and I was requested to investigate what was so magical about this special concoction. The proprietor (long since gone from this area) was more than happy to share his secret formula. It was just a very rich soil amended with compost and an abundance of the typical organic nutrients used to grow any flowering plants. He explained to me that these annuals (as with most annuals) require steady moisture, good drainage and lots of nutrients to keep them blooming throughout their short but productive life cycle. It was no real secret, it was just that most gardeners don't go through the trouble to provide the optimum conditions for the best performance. Unfortunately, sometimes neither do I - and I know the secret!

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ferne said...

Very interesting. I am amazed sometimes when looking at the fertilizer shelf at work just how many different fertilizers there are though if you read the ingredients they are almost identical...sometimes it seems like just too many options when it could be a lot more basic.