Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What Would Mrs. Greenthumbs Say?

If I saw this color combination in any other garden but mine I would think it was unattractive to say the least. I do pay a lot of attention to colors in my gardens and plan fastidiously to avoid scenes like this. The school-bus yellow of the tagetes lemmonii bush was nowhere near the magenta colored lantana when the garden bed was originally designed, separated nicely by some purple catmint which went with both of them. As time progressed the lantana inched over to the other side of the bed and is now happy to coexist with the tagetes. Magenta is a difficult color to use in the garden as I learned from reading the books of my dear mentor, Cassandra Danz, also known as Mrs. Greenthumbs. When I first had a full scale garden to plan I poured over her sage advice presented with her great sense of humor. Every time I look at a magenta colored flower I think of her. I miss you Mrs. Greenthumbs!

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Felicia said...

Yes, I laugh and think of her every time I see a magenta flower too. Her advice might be to might be to cut off all the offending flowers and make a lovely indoor bouquet with them :)