Wednesday, March 23, 2011

White Wisteria

Whenever I think of wisteria I always think of the purple kind, as I would think, most people do. When I first started growing it many years ago in my Laguna garden I chose white wisteria for some reason. I was somewhat intimidated by the beautiful house next door that had very old and very gorgeous purple wisteria growing up to the second balcony that put on an amazing show every spring. It eventually pulled down the balcony and was removed for good, much to my dismay. I started with white over this gate and arbor to the side of the house and kept it pruned judiciously to keep it from taking over everything. I also planted a white wisteria tree down in the garden. Unfortunately it was in front of the 'Bridal Wreath' spirea which is also white and blended in so much that most visitors to the garden never noticed it. This year it appears to be dead. When established things die for no reason in this garden there is only one explanation. Voles. I guess this give me the opportunity to replace it with a purple one, after I replace the voles!


Becca's Dirt said...

I love the white wisteria too but all we see here on the gulf coast is purple/lavender and it hangs beautifully on the trees along the roads. It looks pretty next to the white dogwoods.

Shirley said...

How lovely for you! Wisteria won't grow here in my zone 3b garden, unfortunately. Hopefully some breeder will provide the northern gardeners with one in the near future.

Masha said...

Your wisteria looks lovely. I am sorry about vole damage, they can be tough to control. Wisterias are blooming around here too, it is a wonderful time.