Thursday, July 28, 2011


There are some plants I grow just because they are fun and bananas are one of them. I was given some banana shoots by a friend many years ago in Laguna and I planted them, moved them around and always enjoyed them. They are easy to grow with no real problems in our climate. It is amusing watching the hanging bananas grow out of the large flower (okay, maybe I'm easily amused). Orioles love to build hanging nests in the leaves. I did add some to the SJC garden too so we could enjoy them there. Side note: the leaves make great decorations for a tropical themed meal or party!


debsgarden said...

I love the tropical look of banana leaves. I have never tried to grow them here, but i am tempted by that gorgeous purple color.

Hoover Boo said...

They are gorgeous. I don't even try here because of the fury of the Santa Ana winds, but I so enjoy them in other people's gardens!

Gail said...

It's good to grow plants just for fun. I have a giant cup plant that fits the bill for me! gail