Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Oklahoma Redbud

About six years ago I became enamored with redbud trees. I specifically remember going to the old Laguna Hills Nursery in search just the right one to add to the garden. I carefully chose this particular one in a five gallon can and brought it home, hauled it down about 75 steps to the lower part of the Laguna garden and picked out a spot near a rustic flight of steps so it would grow and shade the steps in the future. It was really no more than a scrawny shrub. For years I watched it struggle, getting only a few leaves every year and if there ever were any spring blooms, I missed them. Finally this year I was going up the steps and noticed a large, robust plant with these lovely leaves. I had almost forgot what it was until I realized that the lowly redbud had finally kicked into gear and was growing! I'm sure it must have been the abundant rain we had this year, and I hope it is established enough to keep thriving because as you can see, it is a lovely tree.

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Shirley @ The Gardening LIfe said...

Good for you! It would be nice to see the entire tree.