Thursday, July 7, 2011

Up With The Birds

One of the best things about our home in Laguna is that it is built on a hillside. The house and deck are at the same level as the top of the trees that are in the garden below. This allows for some great birdwatching! I took this picture of what might be a goldfinch (???) early one morning in the fog last weekend. In Laguna there seem to be many more birds than at our SJC house. I'm not sure if it is because there is more wilderness in close proximity or it is just easier to spot them because of the tree top thing. It is such a delight to spend time with them when we are staying in town.


PJ | Home and Garden Decor said...

What a nice shot of this Goldfinch! I love them but unfortunately we do only have them around for a short time when they migrate through our area.
Same as you I could sit for hours out on my patio watching the birds in my garden. This year several of new bird species showed up that I had never seen in my garden or in our neighborhood before.
There is for example the Cat Bird, a bird that drives our dog nuts. The bird makes noises like a cat. LOL
Also this year I have Red Robins visiting my garden for the first time on a daily basis and before long the lovely Hummers will come through again on their way to Mexico. There is never one minute that would be boring sitting out on my patio.
Best Wishes and Happy Gardening

Masha said...

It is a beautiful bird! Thank you for posting this lovely picture.

FlowerLady said...

That is a sweet little bird. Bird watching is so enjoyable, they are such happy and free creatures.


Landbohaven said...

Smuk fugl.
Vi har mange fugle i haven. Jeg fodrer hele året rundt. Det er en fornøjelse at fuglene ved foderbrættet.

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

Gorgeous bird! Not a finch, the beak is the wrong shape, and coloration is too rich a yellow. My money is on an oriole, and from the photograph I'd guess a Hooded Oriole. See here:

Lovely find!

Curbstone Valley Farm said... broke the link. Add a .aspx to the link above, sorry about that.

marilyn said...

as usual - such an inviting garden! looks like a baby oriole to me. put out some grape jelly and you will have more of them. you were really lucky to get such a great photo - they can be quite skittish.