Monday, September 12, 2011

A Little Fig

I planted this little fig tree about a year and a half ago. It was quite small and has grown considerably, although it is still quite small. I have forgotten the variety, but I know it is a green fig that is recommended for our area. It actually has a small crop this year that I am watching closely for signs of ripeness. Figs need to ripen on the tree from what I understand and will not continue to ripen if picked. That makes it a race between myself and the wildlife, although I know some figs have tough skins that the birds and rodents don't like. On an interesting side note, I did attend a lecture this year on controlling unwanted wildlife in your yard (i.e. rats) and the vector control person said that fruit is the least attractive food to these critters and they would rather enjoy dry dog food or bird seed which is higher in protein. I am careful to not leave dog food out and I have quit (rather unhappily I might add) feeding the birds to try to control the nocturnal craziness in the yard, but maybe if I provide a bit of tasty "Natural Balance" for a few weeks they will spare me my first crop of figs! More likely I will just attract more rodents that will become extremely healthy on my offerings and reproduce even more! I guess I had better take my chances!


debsgarden said...

Good luck with your fig tree! I planted a tiny White Marseille fig this past spring, and I was delighted that it actually produced all of three figs this year. We expected none. My husband and I split the first one. It was delicious. There are two left, still ripening. The fig's pot is located on the patio adjacent to the house, and I hope the proximity to humans will discourage maurading creatures, but I suspect probably not.

HolleyGarden said...

I just purchased a small fig - an impulse buy, and am not sure where to put it. Perhaps I should put it where I can scare off the critters! Good luck on getting the fruit first!