Monday, September 19, 2011

Time To Shine

I must admit that the street side garden in SJC was planned as a drought tolerant, low maintenance garden and it is. Because we pull into the driveway before passing this part of the yard I hardly ever see it unless I make a point to go outside the gate and take a look at it.

During the spring garden tours it takes a back seat to the flashier parts of the gardens inside the walls where the roses and wisteria flourish. During the summer months people seem to congregate in the shadier parts of the yard and the Moonlight Garden where the abundance of cool greens and whites are peaceful and soothing.

But this is the time of year that this little strip seems to come into its own. The orange lantana and the burgundy flax are common colors for the season. Ornamental grasses pick up the breezes and their seed heads seem to indicate harvest time in the fall. The structure of the large plants add an element of drama. Of course it is still an easy going garden, but it just seems to shine this time of year!

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HolleyGarden said...

Gardens designed as drought tolerant and low maintenance are the way to go! You are right - this one looks especially beautiful right now with the fall colored blooms.