Friday, October 14, 2011

Been Busy

I have fallen a little behind on my blogging due to a number of home improvements at both houses going on simultaneously. I like to designate the fall as a time to tackle major projects at home. It kind of takes my mind off the fact that summer is over and gets me ready for the upcoming holidays. The gardens go on without much attention from me with the support of my trusty helpers while I concentrate on other projects. As busy as I've been I still notice the beautiful blooms of 'Frequent Iris' that was quiet all summer but is putting on quite a show near the front door in SJC. I should really get to the nursery some time next week!

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Lucy said...

I like the bold, no-nonsense colours of iris - the stark purples and yellows. I know there are more delicate varieties but they are so different, I think they need another name.