Monday, October 24, 2011

The Season For Mums

Every year I add to the collection of chrysanthemums in my gardens by planting the ones I purchase to decorate inside the house during the fall season. I doubt I would ever go to the nursery and make the decision to buy this perennial for the garden, but I am glad it works out this way.

Most of the garden is quieting down this time of year and these guys are just waking up in a big way. Sometimes they get a little ahead of themselves and bloom in the summer, but this year most of them are right on time.

I must admit they add a nice pop of fall color for us since there is not a lot a changes that naturally occur in the cooler climates in the fall.
They also provide a source of cut flowers for the house. Depending on their color, they are strewn throughout the property add a much needed boost to the otherwise resting gardens. Nice!


Anonymous said...

Mum is the word! Really beautiful blooms, and I love the close-up details and variety of colors. Thanks for sharing.

Becc said...

thats a great idea, I love mums too, yours look gorgeous!

ChickenFreak said...


Every year, right about now, I look in the catalogs and on other people's yards and blogs at all the mums I could have had if I had bought them the previous spring, and resolve to buy them the following spring.

Every year in the spring I flit around admiring the tulips and then the Oriental poppies and roses, and sneer at photos of mums that won't bloom for months and months. (And photos of dahlias, where I have the same dance of hopeless mis-timed longing.)

Someday I'll learn. Maybe this spring.

Kathryn/ said...

I also buy mums each year for decorating and do I ever get them subsequently into the ground, as you do? It's a fabulous idea, and I never do. Not sure why, even. Maybe this post will serve as inspiration to try a new practice. Thanks!