Monday, October 17, 2011

Red Salvia in the Fall

One of the plants that always attracts a lot of attention in my perennial garden in SJC is the red salvia. I don't grow a lot of red flowers, but this bed is predominately fall colors since it is right outside the dining room window where I wanted a lovely autumn display and the red fit in nicely with the oranges and burgundy blooms.
It has grown huge both here and it the bed across from it where I used it as an echo. The foliage is a nice, bright green and like most salvias it is drought tolerant and problem free. It blooms year round, but I usually cut it back to keep it dense and from taking over the whole bed in late spring while there are lots of other things in bloom. As you might guess, it is a wonderful hummingbird magnent with those pretty red tubular flowers which only adds to the beauty of this corner of the garden.

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catharine Howard said...

I have never seen this plant before. Wonder what it would look like with the blue one - S uglinosa