Monday, February 20, 2012

Easy Elegance

If I had to make a list of "bang for the buck" plants in my gardens, surely Calla Lilies would be on that list. So dramatic and so easy, especially for shady areas that need a bit of drama. These ones are five foot tall and thrive on little attention other than regular water. The blooms are so pretty and make lovely cut flowers that last a long time, but do not overlook the foliage. I often use Calla Lily leaves in arrangements that don't even have any of the flowers in them. A tall vase of foliage alone will work indoors and last forever. So lovely and elegant, so easy, what more could you ask?


Shirley said...

These look so lush in your garden! We have to treat Calla lilies as we would any bulb that is not hardy. Lift and store in the fall. Do you have to do the same where you live?

Kathryn/ said...

This is a timely tip. I have a newly exposed area due to a fence rebuilding that will require a plant that does well in shade. A beauty that doesn't need fussing that can grow quite tall would be perfect! Thank you!

Sheila said...

Hi Shirley, no, we do not have to dig them up. In fact they grow year round here with barely any down time.