Friday, February 17, 2012

Me 'n Coco

Like Coco Chanel, I too have a thing about white camellias. I love them so much and add one or two more to my gardens every year. I linger, hem and haw over the pink ones, consider the splashed ones, but always go back and pick up the white ones. This is 'Nuccio's Gem', a very perfect bloom on a lovely shrub. Camellias are unique in the way that they are actually dormant while in bloom and they wake up in the spring when they have finished their bloom cycle. That is the best time to fertilize and prune them. I've said it before, they are my hold-over until rose season is upon us.

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HolleyGarden said...

What a gorgeous camellia. I love them, too, but don't have this one. I need to look around a find a spot!