Sunday, February 19, 2012

Perfume for the Garden

I strive for my gardens to be multidimensional. They are not just for looking at, but rather for experiencing with all the senses. I try to pay particular attention to the scents that layer the garden as I walk through it, picking up different aromas as they perfume the air, either alone or mingled together. One of my favorites is that of heliotrope, sometimes called the Cherry Pie Plant because of the sweet scent, that may be too intensely sweet for some people. I first fell in love with the 'Dark Knight' cultivar, with dark purple flowers and deep burgundy foliage, and you will see it throughout my gardens. But I have to give credit to the much over-looked white variety that goes mainly unnoticed in the Moonlight Garden, except for when you pick up a whiff of that heady scent. I planted a couple of them years ago and they thrive in partial shade and regular water among a number of other shrubs and perennials. It is truly carefree and keeps the garden visitor aware of the beauty of a sensual garden experience by perfuming the air year round, quietly and simply.


Lona said...

Heliotrope has such a sweet fragrance. I need to do more layering in my garden like you do Shelia. I keep adding more in though every year. Fragrance is such a wonderful bonus in the garden. Have a wonderful week.

Shyrlene said...

Will have to live vicariously through your post; not conducive to Zone 5.

HolleyGarden said...

I'm just now realizing how important scent is to the garden. Thanks for letting us know about this plant - the scent cherry pie sounds divine!

debsgarden said...

I am always drawn to plants with a delicious smell. Vanilla? Cherry pie? I have to try this plant!

Lisa said...

Sheila thank you for introducing me to this sweet one. I'll have to see how it would do here in Ky. Fingers crossed. Gosh I miss gardening in California.
I found myself squatting down in my garden today admiring and encouraging those tiny little green tips curling out of my mulch. Tulips are always up first here!
Happy planning and plotting!