Friday, June 8, 2012

For The Love of Sweet Peas

I adore sweet peas but I usually forget to plant these cool season annuals that love to climb up anything nearby with those charming little twisty tendrils, until I see them in a vase or someone's garden and by then it is too late. This year I managed to pick up a couple pony packs in the winter (I know, I know, they are ridiculously easy to grow from seeds) and stuck them in a garden bed next to a pretty wire obelisk and forgot about them. I have been thrilled to have a massive about of blooms that smell heavenly to cut for myself as well as give to others in huge bouquets. I wish they were the beautiful hybrids that are so charming with their colors and patterns, but they will do just fine for now. I must remember to plant them next year too.

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Northern Shade said...

I love the scent of sweet peas, and their pretty flowers. Of course as I read you post I thought, "Why didn't I get some sweet pea seeds in the ground a month ago?"